February 7, 2020

BEEx - "Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Building"


On Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, The Building Energy Exchange had the official launch of their latest exhibit, "Anatomy of an Energy Efficient Building". Also, celebrating 10 years for accomplishments, the exhibit offers a glimpse inside New York City's buildings to reveal the key energy systems that make their building's work and gives insights on how to save energy, reduce costs and meet the city's ambitious new climate action requirements. Not only does BE-Ex connect New York City’s real estate and design communities to energy and lighting efficiency solutions, but they have ways on how you too can get involved in saving energy.

I've been working with this company from the beginning and they have grown tremendously. This exhibit is a true testament as to how far they have come. Congratulations Building Energy Exchange! I look forward to the next great exhibit!